Along with our robust clinical courses, the NW School of Massage offers the following business and medical classes to help prepare you for a successful practice.

Anatomy & Physiology

Obtain a comprehensive overview and experience of the human body in this course. You'll learn about the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body as well as the anatomy and physiology associated with each massage technique.

Business & Practice Management

Learn how to build and run a successful practice. Everything from finding the perfect site and effectively advertising to developing just the kind of practice you want will be studied in depth. You'll learn how to work with other professionals, including doctors and attorneys, and how to create long-term relationships that will help sustain a stable, profitable business.


Learn about professional ethics and state and local laws as they pertain to the practice of massage therapy. You'll also discover how to set and observe boundaries in a clinical setting and how to handle some of the more common challenges that arise as a practitioner while learning about the dynamics between patient and therapist.


Learn the superficial and deep muscles of the body, their origin, insertion, and action both individually and as groups. You'll apply ranges of motion, joint mobilization and interaction, and physics of joint function.

Marketing Strategies

Discover a wide variety of marketing techniques appropriate for building a successful massage practice. You will learn proactive networking and promotion. Advertising will be covered, including business cards, flyers, brochures, Internet advertising, display ads, social media, and other forms. You'll learn about the cost-effectiveness of the various types of marketing and will be able to discriminate between short- and long-term strategies. You will also be required to design and submit a personal marketing plan for your future practice.

Medical Terminology

Learn how to write reports for doctors and physicians as you become familiar with medical terms and the meanings of their root words, along with their prefixes and suffixes.

Palpation & Endangerments

Learn the endangerment sites of the body as they relate to massage therapy and the different massage techniques. You'll be able to identify these sites and understand the anatomy and physiology underlying them and then demonstrate the ability to work with them safely.


Learn to identify the more common medical conditions that need to be considered when interviewing a prospective client for treatment. You'll become familiar with indications and contraindications to treatment under these conditions and when to refer your client to a physician. At the end of the course, you'll have a working understanding of the mechanisms of various pathologies and their relationship to the massage practice.

Recordkeeping & Billing

Gain a comprehensive working knowledge of medical recordkeeping, including soap charts and reports. You will also learn the basics of of communicating with attorneys, insurance companies, and other health care providers. Insurance billing is also addressed.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Learn about the signs and symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This training also focuses on etiology with attention to Scalene Anterior Syndrome, Pectoralis Minor Syndrome, and Costoclavicular Syndrome as well as the causes of each.

Additional Coursework & Program Review

Along with special massage techniques and modalities, additional business classes will be taught throughout the program. These include Safety in the Workplace, Self-Care, and others.

The entire seven-month course ends with a program review that discusses your next steps after graduation, including your application for the MBLEx and Washington State Licensure and a session to discuss the necessary steps needed to create your ideal practice while awaiting certification.